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Hi everyone, Ryan hear.
Right now I have 3 tanks in the house with water. 75g, 46 bow front and. 9g fluval. The 46 was my original centre piece tank, but gas now taken a back seat and is used to grow out plants and fish. It's a low maintenance tank
-fluval 4 hob
-fluval stock heater
-glo t5 2x6500k lights


The fluval 9g was a replacement for a similar me 5g I had. But seeing as it was not n the living room it needed to look nicer. It's used to house shrimp. There's blue dreams, prl crs, tangerine tigers, blue bolts and a few I can't Remember right now.


And lastly my 75g. It's taken sometime to be happy with how this looks on the inside. It's an up-grade from a 65g tall I used to have. It's sitting my on a home made cabinet meeting hats modelled of a ada stand. It's a full planted tank just st like the he other 2, but this one has Co2. There's 6 discus, 20 black tetras, 3 albino Plecos, 2 sae's, 2female fighting fish and about 9 Amano shrimp
-Rena 3 filter
-ehim 200w heater
-3x hydra 26 lights
-10lbs Co2, reg?
-digital aquatics controller

I'm happy with how The tank is growing now, with about 20 different types of plants with no real algue growing.


How it looks now.
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