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Well, last night I got extremely sick at my buddy Tylers place and ended up having to stay the night etc. So he decided to take his son and feed my fish last night / this morning before taking me home. Well we entered the place and he was taking me to the couch to lay down, and we noticed the red tailed cat (Mr Hungry Hungry Hippo) was floating upside down no gills moving and a clear as hell big bump about 1/2 inch sticking up in his stomach.
Well once we picked him out and ensured he was passed, we just had to see what he ate that killed him, looking down the mouth and trying a figure still couldn't see what was in there, or feel it, so try to massage it out and nothing so I realized if I wanted to see what was in there I needed to make a cut, so he takes his son down stairs not to see etc, well his son (Jason) starts making a fuss and says "I don't want to I wanna look for my two lego men I lost last night". So at that point we realized what was in there; so a quick lesson to us, when letting your kid feed your pets or your friends pets make sure their hands are empty first.
So Mr Hungry Hungry Hippo was burried at 11:04 am this morning, with the regular family Pet ceremony we have.

I only had his for a few weeks (if that) but he will be missed.
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