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A question about Bamboo Shrimp

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Was just eyeballing a bamboo shrimp I saw at Pet Smart. They are so COOL! However, I'm wondering - do they have a tendency to climb out of tanks?
I've had a TERRIBLE history of practically every Amano shrimp I've owned hiking out of my tanks in the middle of the night and dying on the carpet. I just don't want to be heartbroken by finding the bamboo shrimp in the same way the next morning.
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I got two bamboo shrimp from PetSmart about 2.5 years ago. One died within a few months, but the other one is still alive and thriving in my 20Lgal tank. There is a space at the back where he could climb out (and now I'm paranoid that he will!).

You should definitely get one -- they really are cool and their moults are spectacular.
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