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Hi all:
I understand that if I am to post fish for sale on this site I need to list the price wanted. Well, I'm at a bit of a loss. I am thinking that within the next few weeks I will want to find a new home for my pair of constantly spawning blushing goldens that are in my 39g. My lfs was delighted with the size, colour and health of the juvie offspring I have raised so far in my small fry tank - so much so that one of the employees bought them for one of his client's tanks - and I was advised that these 'purebred local angels' are highly desirable. Unfortunately I simply do not have the space to set up multiple tanks to take advantage of the fact that these angels are gorgeous, mate every ten days, and tend their eggs diligently (until the eggs get eaten by someone else in the community tank).
I'd love to see these two go to someone who wants to keep them spawning and be able to raise their fry properly. This is not about how much $$ I can get for their sale - it's more about ensuring they are going to a great home that will also appreciate the pair. Am I totally off-base in thinking that a spawning pair of blushing goldens holds some interest for someone out there??? If so, should I be offering them for sale on this website? I have no idea what a fair value is, and as I said, it's not about the money.
Thanks in advance for your advice.
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