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All the way from Holland...

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Hi all,

I'm new to this community but totally not new to the aquaristic hobby...

Hi, I'm Stan and as already mentioned from Holland. I've been active within this hobby for over 40 years by now. Started off as a very young boy and got my first own fishtank from my parents back in 1972. My parents started keeping fish back in 1969.
Kept en bred several kinds of fish throughout the years ever since. And my specific focus has always been livebearers and specifically rare ones. A passion which I'm treasuring till this very day on...

I've also been to endemic places to observe specific fish in their natural habitats in the past. Whenever I go on a foreign trip, I always like to go into nature to watch all the flora and fauna from as near as possible.

I'm also participating several relevant vivaristic events in Holland, Germany and Belgium. Furthermore, I'm a judge regarding livebearers in both Holland and Germany. I do run my own website regarding livebearers and I'm a mod and admin at several relevant forums.

In general I'm not an aquarist who lives by the holiness of the aquariumbook. I let my experience and how fish live in free nature be the guides to give input to my passion for aquaristics.

Hope to have a nice interaction overhere...

Take care,


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