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I bought the tank from a BCA member a year back. With school and everything, I couldn't set it up..until now.

When it was first set up! So...pristine.

After a month. There's quite a bit of algae.

Currently stocked with:
5? Tiger Shrimp
3? Amano Shrimp (I lose track haha)
1 lone Cherry Shrimp
2x Pea Puffers

Fissedens moss
Christmas moss
Anubias nana
Persicaria kawagoeanum
Monte Carlo carpet
Cyperus helferi
(struggling) Mini Pelia
Some sort of Crypt
Alternanthera reineckii mini
Windelov Java Fern

ADA 45P; ~10G
Current USA Satellite LED+ light
Eheim 2215
Hydor 200W In-Line Heater
Some Manzanita Wood
Tropica Aquarium Soil Powder on top and some ADA Amazonia on the bottom
Pressurized CO2 (split between my other tank)

Out of all the inhabitants, I like the tiger shrimps the best.

This tank joins my long-established 20G long, to create a "fish corner"

I keep both tanks at ~4 dGH, ~4 dKH, and ~250 TDS

What I've learned:
- dwarf puffers are VERY picky indeed
- poppy pipe outflow does nothing about the biofilm on top of the water...icky
- canister filters are hard to plumb with a desk...I didn't think this through

Next tank: going salty :p

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Nice setup for someone AlwaysBroke.

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I had dwarf puffer before. It's almost like a pet dog in water. Always on the glass when I pass by also cute little eyes.. I fed it blood worm, babies from reject shrimps and baby rams hornbsnail..

As Dou said, any update? :)
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