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Tailored Aquatics Amazon Elements plant fertilizer is a super concentrated blend of 4%Potassium, 2%Calcium, 1% Magnesium, Boron and a high quality DTPA Iron. Designed to raise the general hardness(GH) in a freshwater aquarium and give plants and fish the elements they need to thrive. This product has no nitrates and no phosphates, the main ingredients for algae growth. A little goes a long way, as 1 cap doses 50 gallons and comes in 4 sizes, all the way up to 1 gallon.
Click here for more details TAILORED AQUATICS - Reef Magnesium, Calcium, Carbonate dKH Alkalinity, Kalkwasser , Potassium & Aiptasia & phos control

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Tailored Aquatics


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