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Hummm yes it looks like he's still here
Curatorial Team

Still, anyone knows him?
Lee is one of the most well known speakers at International Conventions, Curator of Tropical Waters at the Vancouver Aquarium (since 1990) and a prolific author in many magazines (TFH etc.). I've known him for many years and last saw him when he had a presentation at the 2010 Caoac ( Canadian Association of Aquarium Clubs) convention in Mississauga Ontario May 21-23 2010. He and his friend Dr. Wayne Leibel are world renowned experts on the South American Devil fish cichlid group (Geophagine group) as well as many other cichlids. Both are members of the American Cichlid Association. I am sure Lee is either in Milwaukee WI or on his way since the annual ACA starts on Thursday this week.
ACA 2010

By the way he is also a great guy.
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