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Anyone seen dispicable me?

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Has anyone seen the movie dispicable me, and if so do you think it is kid friendly for a 4 year old? He is a very sensitive boy and I don't want to expose him to to much to fast. Let me know. I may even go and see it myself first to see if it is really kids safe.
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It is a movie, no one has seen it yet?
I haven't seen it. But, if you are worried, it would probably be best for you to go and watch it yourself first. Movie reviews can be very subjective and what one person finds acceptable to their child might totally upset yours.
havent seen it but i dont think i would take my child. you never know what will effect them. i took Jeni at that age to see the lion king. just the sound of the wildebeasts stampeding started her crying to the point we had to take her out. unless it is rated G and even sometimes then, i would take caution. he may enjoy toystory more. jeni loved it at that age. I had bought her the cowboy toy and she was so proud when we met my dad at the restaurant later that she yelled out thru the whole restarurant.....looked papa, i have a little woody!
i saw it last Sunday, its pretty good considering its genre. if the child is EXTREMELY sensitive, it may not be a good choice. its a pretty tame movie though.. nobody dies in it....
Kathy you are the funniest, and have the best stories.

I think i will see it first, and I took him to Toystory3 he loved it. I love hanging out with him and he loves to spend time with his dad so...

Thanks for the comments!
yah i loved taking jeni to movies when she was little....they watch with such wonderment and joy. we always finished up at the whitespot for a pirate pack. she still loves going tot he movies to this day, but alas, she like to go with her friends better now. i have been relaged to driving her and picking her up and paying for her...............
Check out this link:

Despicable Me [2010] [PG] - 2.3.2

It is a great site. You must understand that this site leans towards being OVERLY protective (not sure if that is the word). Many movies have things that just go right over kids' heads. This site will point these out as if the kid would even understand the double ententre.
Thanks, I took a look at that site, very interesting. I think I need to see the movie for myself first to decide if I should take him or not. Thanks again.
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