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Aquarium Hood / Glass Lid

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Hi I am new to the aquarium world. We will have a light-medium planted tank with tropical community fish (tetras, gouramis).

We would prefer to have the tank covered as well mainly to minimize condensation. I understand that I'd likely have to upgrade the lighting of my tank slightly for the plants. I'm looking for a light that would serve the purpose for a light-medium planted tank while bringing out the brightness/colours of the fish.

That said, would a hood with lighting upgrade options be a better solution or a glass lid with a upgraded light fixture sitting over it be the better option? Also, as for fluorescent vs LED, is one better than the other? Any recommendations for hood/lid or light fixtures that would serve the purpose I am looking for?

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I prefer custom glass lids and am slowly in the process of replacing all my hoods with glass lids, it kind of depends on the tank though. I prefer tanks without black trim (ADA Style) so having a black hood would ruin the look, but I dont mind a hood as much on a black trim tank. Condensation might be unavoidable, I personally don't know any tricks for avoiding it.

When it comes to Fluorescent vs. LED your probably going to get some varied opinions. I've had success with both, people in this forum will gladly help you pick out a great light to suit your needs.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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