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Aquatic Seeds

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This year I have decided to actually get my aquatic seeds going. It's been a couple years since I first posted about buying seeds and when I finally received my order..Well lets just say life happened and I'm doing it now!

I got a black tray hooked up inside my 60g aquarium. It sits enough in the water to keep my soil/seeds nice and moist, and almost directly below my LED light. Having found very little information online about germinating these seeds, I've had to go by what I know and advice from people I've talked to about it. Still not a whole lot of information. I've had this setup now for 4 days and to be honest I wasn't sure any of my seeds would even sprout.

First here is a list of the seeds I got
1. Water Soldier
2. Desmodium
3. Pondweed
4. Golden Grass
5. Hornwort
6. Babysbreath
7. Fairy Maiden Rain
8. Tape Grass
9. Foxtail Grass
10. Big Leaves Grass
11. Purpls Grass
12. Wide Leaves Grass
13. Cowhair
14. Short Pearl
15. Some bean shaped seed with a flower on it. No idea what it is. Someone mentioned it might be a banana plant, but it has a picture of a flower on it and the words "I like you." Picture posted below.

Within 12 hours of set up I already had the pondweed sprouting little roots! Quite exciting and I was going to post all about it on here, but I didn't and the next day I had a small build up of mold over my tiny roots. Very discouraging, but I left it as is to see if it would continue to grow or not. Well it did and as of today (day 4) I have 5 different seeds now sprouting roots including Pondweed, Short Pearl, Desmodium, Golden Grass, and the Tape Grass. Possibly the Foxtail Grass as well. I am so excited about my plants growing but I still am not 100% sure when or how I transfer them over to a tank. I would love any information you guys might have obtained over the last couple years since I asked last. Each Pondweed already has two leaves and they stand probably just short of an inch high so I'm assuming they should be transferred to full water soon. Also I am using Miracle Grow Organic soil to grow my seeds in and I have some seeds growing on a wet paper towel.

I was planning on uploading some pictures of everything that I'm doing, but I can only upload 5 photos per post. I am trying to make an online photo album on tiny pic of all my pictures so if you're interested I can try to add that link here. Or if you have a better idea I'm all ears.

This website link I found is for an online store located in India I do believe. Can't quite remember how I found it, but they seem to have the same seeds as I do, as well as some pictures of the plants. Aquarium plants cowhair aquatic plant seeds | Clasf


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That is a magic bean plant. The plant will have that same thing etched into it.
It's a terrestrial plant. It's literally a bean. Plant it as a normal house plant and give it sun light.

I'm excited for your aquatic grow. Those plants are all new names. I look forward to hear about your progress. Pics please!
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