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Lots of bread and butter fish, and some interesting additions! Lots of cool fish coming in Sept!

Assorted Select Male Guppies 
Green Cobra Male Guppies
Assorted Swords
Red Wag Swords
Assorted Mollies
Assorted Platies 

Neon Green Wag Platy
Bumble Bee Platy
Julii Cory Cats XL
Cherry Red Shrimp
Serpae Tetra
Dwarf Aquatic Frog

Green Kubotai Rasbora
Black Neon Tetra

Neon Tetra

Bala Shark

Cockatoo Apisto Cichlid
Electric Blue Lobster
Clown Loach 3-3.25"
Feeder Guppies

Feeder 3" Pond Goldfish
Bettas: Crowntail Male, Twin Tail Male, Crowntail female
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