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We have two orders coming in this week :)

One will be arriving on Tuesday (or Wednesday, not 100% sure yet)... fish on that order are:
150 neon tetra
30 dwarf aquatic frog
25 candycane tetra
25 tiger barb
15 albino rainbow shark
10 bandit cichlid
25 sterbai corydora
25 chinese algae eater
10 asstd israeli koi grade A 4-5"

Another order will be arriving on Wednesday, those fish are:
16 assorted discus 5cm
13 medium golden diamond veil angelfish
13 medium black lace veil angelfish
13 medium koi veil angelfish
15 red cap fantail goldfish 5cm
8 assorted lionfish goldfish 5cm
13 red and white ryukin goldfish 5cm

No fish guaranteed, I'll update with any that did not ship.

I'll also be ordering some different betta types in to arrive on Wednesday as well.

I'll post photos and videos of both orders when they arrive. Any questions, don't hesitate to PM me or comment here!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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