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We will be receiving a nice little order from Spencer tomorrow. Really excited for the wild Angelfish...

5 yellow calvus males
6 eureka red jakes (some spoken for)
6 blue neon peacocks (some spoken for)
6 dragon blood peacocks
6 albino sunburst peacocks
6 dimidiochromis kwinge
6 venustus
6 deep water hap
6 fire fin compressiceps
5 Malawi trout (some spoken for)
6 Rio Tocantins angelfish
12 aristochromis christyi (all spoken for)
9 L129 Colombian zebra pleco

I'll post here when the order arrives for anyone who's interested in dropping by! :)

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Thank you very much Kim for the Rio Angels! They are in the tank and seem rather happy so far and thankfully my other angels don't mind the new additions. I'll post some photos after they've really settled in.
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