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Preorder bag
Lot sale. Commit to buy
Lot deals consist of 10 or more of schooling fish and 6 or more of higher priced fish. A lot to get a good breeding group or ratio you need 6 or so.
Order would arrive Monday 15th. I would be open late afternoon for pickup or Tuesday out of clean prepared tanks .
Lot deals only apply to requested orders and ending 2 days later. Otherwise I'm stocking, caring, feeding etc and they become Instock fish .
Some selections include:
Albino sterbai Cory regular price 12.00 bag
Lot deal 9.00
Regular sterbai reg 8.50 bag deal 6 or more 6.50

Denisoni barb-rose line 7-10 cm only 6 come in one bag reg 24.00 bag deal all 6 18.00 each
Denisoni 2.5-3 cm reg 16.00 bag deal 6 or more 13.00 these guys will stil have baby markings possibly.
Red fire shrimp reg 4.50 bag deal x 10 or more 3.50

Orange rili reg4.50 bag deal 3.50
Super blue shrimp reg 8.50 bag deal x10 or more 7.00

Hoe Kim goldfish wakin 7.5 cm reg 12.99 bag
Deal 4 or more 8.99
Otto reg 5.99 bag deal 6
Or more 4.50

Pygmy Cory 5.50 bag deal 6 or more 4.00
Hara jerdoni reg 6.99 deal 4 or more 4.00
Chocolate gouramis (ospheromenoides reg 8.00 bag deal 6
Or more 6.50 they need 6 or more for comfort and no stress
Chocolate gourami(Sphaerichthys ACROSTOMA reg 8.99 bag deal of 6 or more 6.99
Sphaerichthys Vallanti
16.99 bag deal 6
Or more 14.00 harder but more colourful
Mountain shrimp fan shrimp atyopsis reg
8.99 bag deal 4 or more 6.00
Emerald rasbora reg
4.00 bag deal 10 or more 3.00
May not ship and if no requests I may not order
Need orders by Tuesday noon

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Great pricing April!
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