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Betta Questions!

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Visited IPU today with the wife and kids, and my wife decided she now wants another betta because they are purdy, now i've kept a male before, but i told her she'll be getting a female just so theres more options with stocking the tank. It'll be a planted tank, and judging by all the penned in red stars in a plant book i have, it'll be heavily planted (SHE RUINED MY BOOK!).

heres the questions:
What types of female betta's would you recommend?
Do female betta's pick on shrimp and snails?
Do female betta's get aggressive with longer finned fish?
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I am not positive but I don't think you will see any difference in the behavior of a female betta or male betta. The only time they would act differently is if you had 2 males in one tank.

Bettas are hunters period so anything from small fish to shrimp are not a good mix. I don't think long finned fish are susceptible to nipping.
I have kept bettas in community settings and the only difference I have noted between females and males is that females (and plakat males) have short fins and are therefore faster, unbothered by strong currents and don't fall victim to fin nipping as easily as long-finned males do.

If you have a smaller females I suppose it may be less physically capable of picking on tankmates but by and by you will find that 'picking' is a trait largely dependant on the individual betta.

Also, another thing to note is that if you have higher lighting this will cast a reflection in the tank glass (depending on the lighting of the room), effectively driving many male bettas off the wall.
As kelly528 noted, my female betta is happy in a strong current while my male long finned betta likes his water still.

My female betta is lovely but I don't know what type she is. She is a nice blue and has very nice fins. I also always thought of her as aggressive as she kept Bolivian rams in a corner (they are bigger than she is, too). But currently there are 5 juvenile endlers in the tank with her and she leaves them alone, even if they scoop a whiteworm away from her. She does not bother snails. I have not tried her with shrimp. She seems okay with dither fish but not with fish that are territorial.

My female betta does not eat snails but my male betta ate an amano shrimp.
Your bettas will eat the shrimp and snails (unless the snails are large?), especially females which tend to be better hunters (as apposed to fighters). I had three females in a tank and they cleaned out all the snails (the snails were all small but there were lots of them).
We had a female Betta with Neons - didn't work out that well. She had a little Neon feast!
The male Betta didn't cause any problems at all with the Neons and Cories. We ended up removing the Neons, though, because they nipped at his fins. I guess it depends on the Betta, they do have different personalities.
Female bettas are better hunters then males, you'll always notice they scout around the tank and try to eat any small things that move, so they definitely will eat shrimps. But shrimps escape really fast and it's rare a normal female betta can kill an adult shrimp in one bite. So the bottom line is your betta can't kill all your shrimp but you wouldn't see any increase in your shrimp population.
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