$10 per type - Take 6 type for $50 or 10 type for $75

approx 4" diameter Blyxa Japonica
2" Laganendra Meeboldii ' red'
20 stem Staurogyne repens
10 stem Alternanthera reineckii 'mini'
6 stem Ammania Gracilis
10 Cryptcoryne Undulata
15 stem rotala macrandra green - I got them as 'mini type 4 green' but look similiar if not the same as the green I had long ago
12" Java fern ' narrow leaf'
30 Saggitaria subulata

6 Cryptocoryne Spiralis
3 Cryptocoryne Nurii var Raubensis 'Taman Negara'
3 Cryptocoryne Affinis 'Metallic Red'

2" Bucephalandra Belindae
2" Bucephalandra 'Velvet'
1.5" Bucephalandra 'Crocodile King'
2" Bucephalandra 'mini coin'


6" Bucephalandra 'belindae' - $25
15 plant Emersed Grown Cryptocoryne Undulata - $10

Pick up near Lougheed Mall

Photo of Rotala Macrandra 'Green', Staurogyne repens, Crypt Undulata.
The Pinkish Plant behind Rotala is Ammania Gracilis

For those relatively new to Bucephalandra, they have a similiar fertilizer requirement as Crypt, Anubias, Lagenandra. They prefer a smaller Nitrate to Phosphate ratio and smaller Potassium to Phosphate ratio. If the Nitrate to Phosphate ratio and or Phosphate to Potassium ratio is too high, leaves will start to melt, fall off, and or rhizome will rot in extreme case. - need PO4 and preferably tank without addition of K2SO4