Rare opportunity - Week Aqua p900 with shades LED light strips

While the brand is newer to the scene they are currently one of, if not the top brand for plants on the market.

On 2hr aquarist 2022 review of best LED lights where he talks about chihiros and other top units he notes these lights as “outstanding”

This is a very trusted source who even breaks down the science of the lights so an outstanding rating from him I believe is very valid.

While there is no distributors on the west coast, I am able to bring in two extra units - brand new directly from the manufacture in the coming weeks.

Each will be $375cdn and there are only two available. They are subject to duty but it shouldn’t be significant as the majority of the cost is shipping.

If anyone is interest in a light please let me know!! They come with the hanging wires, mounting brackets, and full shades.