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Hi there. Have two young, PROVEN, breeding trio's (1 male, 2 female) of BNP's for sale. A trio of regular fin silvertip's, $25 firm. And a trio of L-144's, $40 firm. Male is sitting on a nice clutch of fry right now, which I'll throw into the deal.
Caves are NOT for sale, on your own for those. Bring your own bucket. First to text me, and can pick up within 48 hrs, gets em. Otherwise I move on to the next person. No deliveries. Text is best. No pics will be posted. Working today. I can take phone pics tonite, but tough to do as males are jammed into their caves. I am two blocks from Roger's Aquatics.
Cheers, Chris. 604 813-1165

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Hi George, yes; I am picking up both the trios.
I just randomly came to BCA and saw it...I guess it was meant to be :)
Excellent.......I'm certain that you will be very happy with the plecos....Chris is can excellent breeder and has top quality fish :) You are building up quite a stock of plecos....I'd love to visit your fish room when I get back from New Zealand next Spring...bit of "role reversal"...I may be the buyer instead of the seller...ENJOY
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