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I have a gorgeous pair of breeding red devil chiclids. I bought them off of craigslist not knowing what I was getting myself into. The male is around 8 inches and the female is around 6. I live in Chilliwack. I have an 18 month old daughter who loves fish, but when and if anyone goes near the tank the male goes nuts and wants to bite, even cleaning the tank he wants a chunk of skin off you lol. I would keep them and breed them myself if I didnt have my daughter. BUT i cannot take a chance on her getting hurt. Please text me absolutely anytime and can provide beautiful pictures of these fish, they are truly absolutely super super healthy and gorgeous. I can and will be able to get these fish gone to a beautiful home 24/7 where they can breed and someone who can take care of them better then I can. My cell number is 604-701-9581. Hope someone helps us out. thanks a bunch.
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