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Mr Pets has improved so much over the last six months or so that I would let this one idiscretion slide. The tanks are cleaner and better looked after, the store doesn't stink anymore, the small animals are better cared for and even the store is cleaner.

The staff are still pretty low on their knowlege with regards to the fish, but they are getting better. I heard one girl telling a customer that a bala shark was okay for a 20 gallon. She said they get 12 inches long, and that they are a bit nippy, but a red tailed black shark is super gentle and they also get 12 inches. Good lord. She sold him a couple balas. :eek:

If you spoke to the manager then hopefully they will rectify the situation, as that new manager has made a ton of changes already.

It sucks that other than Petcetera (which I won't shop at) this is the only pet store left in Ridge Meadows.
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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