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Well, back in the 70s, as a fresh-faced 8 years old newbie, I got suckered into buying & taking home a 5 gallon tank with all the fixings & several bags of fish from an unethical petshop owner who saw a chance to make some $$ (spent $80 that day which was a lot in the 70s).

Lesson learned.

Unfortunately, there are still alot of people who work in LFS or buy fish & pets without properly educating themselves about the true requirements.

Not everyone cares about fish & livestock like members here. Many see them as pretty decorations that are temporary (until the fish dies or the people lose interest, whichever comes first).

Having worked in the pet shop industry, I've seen alot of good as well as bad situations.

Good for you for voting with your wallet. In the end, that is the only reasoning many shops and businesses (not just LFS) will really listen to. They will only change when it hurts their bottom line. If they can still sell those goldfish bowls for a good profit (probably costs them less than $5 in total), they will, but if they get enough complaints and lost business, then they may be forced to reconsider their business practices. Not so much business ethics (to them) as it is good business PR.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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