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Today I popped up to Mr. Pets for a siamese algae eater... they had none in stock but stacked neatly on the shelves were a load of AquaPacks of Aquaflora Plants for only $10 each!!! :eek: Naturally I impulsively scooped up 2 of them and took them to the checkout.

As the lady rang me through I noticed that proudly displayed by the checkout was a baby chocolate in a decorated goldfish bowl. A sign on it advertised it as a $21.95 package deal :mad:

I walked out of the store with the plants but all the way home I couldn't shake the feeling that I was a total jerk for supporting a store that advertises goldfish in bowls. Even PetSmart recommends at least 29g for an oranda!!! As soon as I got home I got in the car and went up and returned the plants, ragging on the manager with huge emphasis that I run 4 tanks, live 5 minutes down the street from them and have spent $100s at their store!

The manager played dumb and said she had never heard that goldfish needed more than a gallon. Then she backtracked, saying that they weren't selling the goldfish in the bowl. THEN I showed her the writing on the bowl that said 'Chocolate Oranda and Bowl: $21.95' Then I got my money back and walked out. I don't ask much of pet stores and have never found anything to complain about with ANY other petstore I visited but THIS... come on-- would you sell budgies in shoeboxes for $10? Or hamsters in tupperware?

This is not the first time I've complained about animal welfare in this store... some of you may remember that I actually joined the forum over a year ago to expose their poor animal husbandry. Eventually I gave them a second chance when conditions started to look decent but now this!

I think I did the right thing but MAN I feel SO bummed about losing out on $10 AquaFlora packs, and also that I can't go to the only pet store within walking distance of my house :(

Am I just being a complete female dog about this?
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