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That's quite horrific!!!
She sounds like she in the clear now, but clearly was in a really bad situation.
I'm glad to hears she's moving her feet & out of the coma.
My thoughts & prayers go out to her & her family.

I just don't get why ppl are in such a rush to get where they're going?
I always see guys/gals blow by me only to meet me @ the next red light.
I always look over & laugh.
Not only do they waste gas/contribute to global warming, but they put countless ppl lives in harms way.

Ppl have no common sense when they drive, I signal to get into a lane & it triggers them to speed up, come on man!!!
That's the reason why I hate going to Richmond or Surrey.
Not only do I get harassed by cops, but I always run into idiot drivers(of all races).
My last visit to Pats, I get pulled over for no reason @ all.
The cop keeps me waiting for 30 mins, only to let me go without anything.
I have a clean record so I know the cop isn't going to find anything on me.
It's just that they waste time on good ppl when then should be focusing on getting these idiots causing all this BS on our roads.
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