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This is my first post since the disaster!

I've kept and bred all kinds of fish for over 35 years. I was given my first tank at about the age of 10 and have never looked back.

My last trip to the Vancouver Aquarium hit a spot when looking at the display info about the plight of the Victorian cichlid population. I knew about it but didn't realize the extent of it.

I currently have only 1 tank running with a breeding pair of Chocolate Cichlids, a red spotted severum, an EBJD, a breeding pair of regular BN plecos and 6 Irian red rainbows. I do however have several tanks at my disposal (In the crawlspace).

I want to get into breeding either endagered freshwater fish or possibly saltwater fish/invertebrates/seahorses to help in the captive bred programs. I have experience in both.

I guess it is my old age and my wanting to give back to the aquarium and aquatic community. I always wanted to be a marine biologist from a young age and I currently build my own setups (lighting, filtration etc.).

What do you think would be best in this community to help.

Your opinions would be appreciated.
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