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Merry Christmas and hope everyone has a great holiday and season
Don't forget to stop in for fishy friends and what have you
Holiday hours are
Posted below
Closed 25th, Tuesday 27th open till 6
28th-31st 11-4
Anyone needing a later
Or earlier time or. Meet up message me
More fish arriving 27th evening
Red endler pairs. Yes
Yellow leopard yes
Endler pairs yes
Swordtails endler pairs yes
Orange fringe lampeyes yes
Black lyretail molly yes
Dwarf gourami pairs yes
Black phantom tetra yes
Cherry barbs. Yes
Green neons. Yes
Hara jerdoni Asian stone fish no waaaa
Red tuxedo platy yes
Hifin assorted platy yes
Japonica shrimp I hope! Yes!!! Large
Red cap goldfish 10 cm yes
Black orandas 10 cm yes yes
Red/white orandas 10 cm yes
Long tail red white orandas yes
And assorted swordtails for some reason were added

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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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