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Cichlosoma Synspilum Diet and Compatibility in the Freshwater Aquarium

Also known as a Quetzal Cichlid or Firehead Cichlid, these fish are peaceful but can cause problems if kept in a tank with their own species.

Redhead Cichlids belong to the Cichlosoma Synspilum family and are native to muddy and slow-moving waters in Mexico, Guatemala and Belize. Cichlosoma is one of the major cichlids with over one hundred species.
Redhead Cichlid Characteristics

The most common characteristic is the hump that grows on the head of males. As a Redhead Cichlid matures, the brilliant colors start to emerge, such as a red forehead and green, gold, red, orange, and blue tones on the body. This process takes about 3 to 4 years.

Most sources say that the Redhead Cichlid will grow to about 14 inches but this is only in the wild. If conditions are right, such as public aquariums where the fish are kept in massive tanks, a Redhead Cichlid could reach 30 inches. In a home aquarium, these fish usually grow to 16 inches.

Redhead Cichlid Aquarium Requirements

* Minimum tank size for these fish would be a 70 gallon long tank. A 135 gallon tank is recommended if keeping more than four Redhead Cichlids.
* The PH should be 6.5 to 8.0 and the water hardness can range from medium to very hard water.
* The water temperature can range from 72F to 85F, but you will see more action from the fish if the temperature is kept around 78F degrees.
* Frequent water changes are recommended and if possible, use peat filtered water.
* The tank should provide hiding places and shelter using rocks, driftwood and caves.
* Use fine gravel and sand as a substrate.
* If choosing to put plants in the aquarium, use deep-rooted and sturdy ones because Redhead Cichlids like to burrow in the substrate and snack on plants.
* Lighting can be on the dim side but if there are plants in the tank, it will have to be a bit brighter.

Redhead Cichlid Food Requirements

* Diet should consist of veggies, flakes, beef heart, frozen foods and pellets. They are not picky eaters.

Redhead Cichlid Aquarium Compatibility

* They are a peaceful fish when kept with medium to large size cichlids. They are aggressive and territorial amongst themselves.
* Picking out compatible mates can be very tricky. Incompatible Redhead Cichlids will fight until death.
* It is recommended to start a colony when they are young and see who naturally get along. They will start to pair off when they reach 4 inches. The others need to be placed in other tanks.

BreedingRedhead Cichlids

* They are difficult to breed due to incompatibility but once a pair breeds, the eggs are laid on substrate or rocks cleaned by the parents. There can be up to 1200 eggs.
* The eggs hatch in two to three days and become free-swimming about four to five days after that.
* The parents can be removed at this point and the fry can be fed crushed flake or finely ground cooked egg yolk.

A proper diet is essential to maintain the beautiful coloration of Redhead Cichlids. If fed a variety of foods and space to grow, in about the third year you will notice the beautiful colorings emerging.
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Rocks and plants are good hiding places , [email protected] Rocks and plants are good hiding places

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you sure know your fish.
this and the pike article are both very well done.
thanks for sharing them.

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I found that the three I had had "Kodak" moments after being trusted for a few weeks/months. If challenged, the other fish is usually either dead or loses an eye/limb.
There's usually no turning back once the fight starts.
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