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compact flourecent bulbs & M Halide deals

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Here is a link to a supplier in Richmond that sells replacement bulbs for compact fixtures as well as Metal halides & lots of others.

Check out the website for stock #'s & refer to them when communicating with him as he does not seem to be into the aquatic end of the business. (as far as asking for a coralife replacement bulb. this probably accounts for the excellent pricing.)
ATC lighting is located in Richmond & is not a retail outlet you can shop at you must place an order & make arrangements to receive them He had always delivered them right to my door in person. (when I lived in Richmond)
ATC Lighting (604)317-2812

Low Price Light Bulbs and Fixtures at ATC LIGHTING

I have dealt with him many times.
The listing under the compact 55 watt bulbs do not list a 10,000k but he does stock them & 6500k's . these are the proper bulbs for the coralife & all glass fixtures for the 55 /65 watt applications & are approx $7.50 U.S. per bulb

I would like to pass the savings on to fellow members to take advantage of.
& the sponsors should appreciate getting a supplier with 10,000k bulbs as well.
So everyone one wins here in the long run
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That's crazy...those bulbs here are normally $60 bucks each.
This is the one that fits perfectly in the coralife:
LOW PRICE Compact Fluorescent Tube (4-Pin)

55W, 6500k

I heard that also have a 10,000K, but you have to call them to get those.
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