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Hello all. Was Just Wondering If These Fish That I Want To Get Are Compatible With The Fish I Have Right Now.

Planning To Get A Few Yellow Labs and A Few Demosani's

My Tank Is 42 or 45 Gal.
Currently Have BGK, 2 Pictus Catfish, Red Tail Shark and A Common Pleco.

Btw I'm Planning To Get All Female Cichlids As I Did Some Research That They Are More Calm and Not That Aggressive Like The Males. I Also Looked At The PH Lvl and The Temp and They Are All Similar Towards Each Other. Please Let Me Know If They Go Well With My Current Fish.
The fish you have currently prefer softer water and the fish you are interested thrive in high pH and hard water. African Cichlids are very aggressive towards other fish and each other. In general they require a great deal of space as well. I would not recommend this combination, sorry.:(
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