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$300. Open to offers. I'm getting kind of reno-victed and my new place can't support such a large tank, so I am selling my complete 40 gallon setup.

TANK: Acrylic, 36"W x 15"D x 19"H. About 40 gallons.
FILTER: AquaClear 70 filter, a bit old. Has two levels of mechanical filtration (large and fine,) a bag of Purigen, and the usual rocks in a bag for biological filtration.
HEATER: 150W Eheim Jager, 2 years old.
LIGHT: Finnex Planted Plus, 36"W.
STAND: 3 drawer lateral file from Steelcase with a custom butcher block top. Retails for $1000 new. No, I am not kidding. Back is dented. 36"W x 19"D x 40"H. Leaves the perfect amount of space on the back for the HOB filter and to hide cables.

I would like to sell this as a lot, unless you want only the large pieces. So long as I don't have to worry about the tank and stand when moving, all will be well.

Cannot deliver (no car,) so please make sure your vehicle is large enough! I am open to hanging around all day for multiple trips. There are hand trucks here, which is helpful.

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