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Incoming shipment. Confirmed Jan 27th
Assorted guppies
Yellow halfmoon betta grade A. Yes
Green glass guppy pairs. Yes
Multicolour neon guppy pairs. Yes
Venezuela Endlers pairs. Yes
Green comet swordtails. No
Koi sword sanke. Yes
Emperor tetra. Yes
Black phantom. Yes
Long fin rosy barb male. Yes
Pink kissing gourami. Yes
Albino Cory. Yes
Blue Cory aneus yes
Pepper Cory. Yes
Green Cory brochis splenden. No
Sterbai Cory. Yes
Siamese algae eater yes
Forktail rainbow. No
Mosquito rasbora. Hoping..yes!
Galaxy rasbora. Yes
Bolivian ram yes
Titanium guppy
Assorted red eye guppy no
Tiger shrimp yes
Assorted plants
Cabomba yellow
Cabomba green
Indian fern
Wendtii green
Didplis diandra
Pygmy chain sword
Elodea densa
Heaters there zosterfolia
Hygro coryombosa
Hygro polysperma
Four leaf
Calls corkscrew
Val's gigs tea
Lagorosiphon majo

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Hi they are doing well. I believe 4.50 or 4.00. Have to look.

The Corys are aneus. They are bronze cories . They aren't dyed . Their dark area is kinda bluefish charcoal.

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