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Convict Male or female?

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Thanks 4 the help

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2nd link, I would say MALE!
1st link... too small, and too blurry!

Hope others can help!
thanks for your help eternity

any other thoughts?

will roger's take in my male convicts?
=) I'll take em!!!!
Cuz i took in another female today! LOL! I wanted to breed =____= unfortunately i'm an idiot! The one I had at home wuz a female already!
females have goldish around the belly, i use to have some.. i dunno if the albino ones get goldish bellys.. i think the gold doesnt realy as much show when young?
I hardly ever see them with redish belly when they're that small!
i use to breed cons way back, the females usually start to show the metallic orange on their bellies at around 1''
I'll have a pink female with orange makings in a month or so if you're willing to wait that long.
Yes im willing to wait that long thanks dude

but umm yeah i know females are orange on the belly but i got 3 fish where its hard to tell

cuz i see colors on the top fin but not rly on bottom and the albino i cant tell But yeah ANy one who wants my males can have them for a trade of somthing a plant? anything lol

To small to tell yet.

Male but sometime females go white when they don't want to mate.
You don't need to go all the way to Surrey if you in VAN.
Mr.Pets take trade in I hear but they have to be an inch & bigger.

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the pink looks male. Hard to tell on the smaller striped one yet. If its a female the belly will go orange soon. good luck.
The fish may tell you by their behaviours in the tank. they will pair up soon if they are male and female.
You don't need to go all the way to Surrey if you in VAN.
Mr.Pets take trade in I hear but they have to be an inch & bigger.

im in surrey and the guy that wanted them is in richmond but idk if anyone wants some male convicts let me know...
IPU,PJ pets, both in RICH.
Your Pink con is not a true albino, there's no such thing as an albino con(not that I've heard or seen).
It's actually a strain called Leucism or a Leucistic.
*Leucism is a condition characterized by reduced pigmentation in animals and humans. Unlike albinism, it is caused by a reduction in all types of skin pigment, not just melanin.

I see a slight pink hue near the belly & tail of your pink con, so I'm not ruling out it being a female.
I can't guarantee it though because it's a blurry pic.

I found the member selling that tank you were interested in.
Check out the CL thread.
yeah i know i was trying to say pink con lol not albino
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