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Happy Sunday BCA peeps.

I am changing over a couple of tanks and am going to have to part with my collection of rarer Corydoras. These fish represent over two years worth of hard work looking around the lower mainland for cool Corydoras. I could take them to a LFS and they will take them all but if i do that we both lose....i get less and you pay more... :(

Here's the list:

Plecos (4-6") & Corydoras catfish (1.5-2")

Ancistrus sp. calico - Calico Busy-nose 1 @ $10.00 ea.
L144 longfin breeding group 1m/2f 3 @ $20.00 ea.
Corydoras elegans - Elegant 3 @ $10.00 ea.
Corydoras sodalis - False Network 6 @ $10.00 ea.
Corydoras arcuatus - Skunk 5 @ $ 8.00 ea.
Corydoras metae - Bandit 5 @ $ 8.00 ea.

Hopefully someone here on BCA wants to take some or all of given for multi-fish purchase and prefer to sell all individual species in groups.

Thanks for looking and have a fintastic sunny Sunday !!!

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