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Could I get a pleco ID?

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I can't get a very good picture of him because my camera sucks, but here's a video showing his entire body.
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It's pretty blurry, but it looks like an L260 to me.
I don't think you can tell the difference between Hypabcistus from the dorsal fin. At least I've never heard mention of it on planetcatfish. What do you think it is then?
It's most likely a Hypancistrus, you're right with that. But the dorsal fin isn't shaped like any of the ones listed on planetcatfish. They all have normal dorsal fins whereas this one is shorter and has that 'hooked' (for lack of a better term) look.

Actually I was watching videos of Hypancistrus and I think it's basically a Queen Arabesque Pleco. The eyes are exact and the pattern very similar. Dorsal fin is different again, but I'll post to planetcatfish and see their thoughts.
I have 2 tanks full of L260 (Queen Arabesque) and from the blurry video it looks close, but the shots which they will ask for on PC will be a side view, a top view and a view on the glass. The eyes will vary from pleco to pleco, even inside a species and so will the fins.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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