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Crazy LED light

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Five foot fixture but has extendable legs
72 led at 3 watt each of them (216 watt)
Actinic 420-460NM
White 10000-20000
Moon lights
Lights are programable but I used the 5 pre programmed programs. Normal and 4 seasons
I grew everything under this light
Has a remote


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Just curious, do you have a hanging kit for this light?
No I bought some adjustable cable of eBay. Works great
Bump might consider offers
That tank is 30 tall and still tons of shimmer at the bottom
Damn thats a nice light. Is that a controller you have ontop or is that part of the light.
Interested but my tank is 48" wide in a corner. Not sure it will fit directly over the tank. ?
this back for sale I need the money
bumpump bump
Obo bump bump
bump I work in south surrey and can possibly bring it to work
sold, gonzo, adios
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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