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L Plecos:

Silvertip Bristlenose: $7.00 each
Albino Bristlenose: $8.00 each
Long Finned Albino Bristlenose: $10.00 each
Long Finned Calico Bristlenose: $30.00 each
L204 Flash: $50.00 each
L52 Butterfly: $25.00 each
L106 Orange Seam: $30.00 each
L66 King Tiger: $30.00 each
L128 Blue Phantom: $60.00 each
L418 Green Panaque: $60.00 each
LDA-33 Snowball: $70.00 each

Bred By Kirk

Apistio Borrelli: $15.00 each
Nanochromis Transvestitus: $15.00 each
Large Marble Angelfish: $10.00 each
Moscow Blue Guppies: $15.00 trio
White Dwarf Balloon Parrot Cichlid: $6.00 each
Red Wag Platies: $3.00 each
Smokey, Gold, Albino & Marble Twoonie Size Angels: $5.00 each
Fundulopanchax Gardneri Nigerianus Lafia: $20.00/ trio
Fundulopanchax Gartneri Mamfensis Ossing: $20.00/ Trio
Neon Swordtails: $3.00 each
Pineapple Swordtails: $3.00 each
Kribs: $3.00 each


Zebra Shrimp: $1.50 each
Amano Shrimp: $2.50 each
Cherry Shrimp: $1.50 each
Pearl Blue Shrimp: $5.00 each Coming Soon

Cray Fish:

Marble: $5.00 each
Electric Blue Special: 2 for $5.00
Australian Red Claw: $10.00 each Coming Soon

Imported Tropicals:

Lrg. Australian Rainbow: $10.00
Lrg. Bosami Rainbow: $10.00 each
Lrg. Red Iran Rainbow: $10.00 each
Lrg. Katubu Blue Rainbow: $10.00 each
Threadfin Rainbow: $4.00 each
Bolivian Rams: $8.00 each
Apisto Inka 50: $15.00 each
Apisto Bitaeniata SP. Orange: $15.00 each
Apisto Cacatuoides Wild Caught: $15.00 each
Apisto SP. Steel Blue: $15.00 each
Black Ghost Knife: $15.00 each
Sebae Monos: Coming Soon...Reserve Now
African Butterfly Fish: $15.00 each
Large Dennisioni Barbs: School of 6: $150.00
Jumping Characin: $6.00 each
Large Clown Loaches: School of 6: $150.00
Blue Emperor Tetras: $3.00 each
Pencil Fish: $3.00 each
Yellow Meeki: $12.00 each
Skunk Botia: $6.00 each
Moenkausia Agnesae: $12.00 each
Keyhole Cichlids - Mated Pair: $25.00 Pair
Sterbai Cory: $6.00 each
Siamese Algae Eater: $3.00 each
Phoenix Flagtails: Coming Soon...Reserve Now
Foot Long Bala Shark: $50.00
Huge 9" Black-Spotted Upside Down Cat: $20.00
18" Albino Chocolate Chip Safin Pleco: $40.00
Rummynose tetras: $2.50 Coming soon
Rasbroa Espeii: $2.50 Coming soon
Croaking Gourami: $2.50
Asian Stone Cat: $ 5.00 Coming soon
Rummynose Rasbroa: $3.00 Coming soon
Uaru Cichlids: $20.00 Coming soon...Reserve Now

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awesome stock list. I willbe setting up a 180 gal in maybe late May or June and I will book a visit with you. Chilliwack is easier to get to than Vancouver from Poco even thoughit is twice as far, haha.
looking forward to it.
How big are the long fin BN (albino and calico)?
Are your Keyholes agressive when kept as a mated pair?

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I am running out and only have 10 left....they are going to Bill's....there are 6 spoken for already...I will reserve you the remaining 4....perhaps Bill can drop them off to you on his way home on tuesday....But no worries....I have more babies on the way....just last week I took the juvies out cause the parents had more fry

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Hi just wondering when are the red claw coming in need at least 10 Im in love with mine so Im gonna dedicate a special tank to them mine is already 7-8" I also PMED YOU :D
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