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As many of you know, we are very serious about providing high quality dog foods and treats since IPU began.
I wanted to take a moment to promote a groomer here in Coquitlam. For people looking for a great dog groomer in this area, I cannot speak more highly about "The Dog Station" at Como Lake Village here in Coquitlam. After dealing with various groomers for my dogs entire life, I was always disappointed at the handling and stress my dog seemed to be under before and after her grooming experiences. "The Dog Station is strictly grooming and obedience classes, and their attention to the animals is unbelievable. It is owned and operated by a Japanese couple who are really amazing at what they do. If you are in this area and are looking for a great groomer, please give them a try. I was so happy with them and my dog was actually happy to go there!!:D

IPU is not affiliated with "The Dog Station" whatsoever. Just a friendly community reference.:)
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