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15 Gallon Rimless (2)
15 Gallon Column (1)
  • Comes with Marineland 50w Heater + Aqueon HOB Filter.

Miscellaneous Equipment

Satellite LED+ 18"-24" (1)
Double T5 24"-36" Light (1) *Ballast does not work on 1/2 Lights.
50W Heater (2)
Fluval U2 Underwater Filter (2)
Fluval Stratum Substrate (3/4's of 8.8lb Bag)

All the tanks hold water, and have been used within the past six months. After experimenting with different setups/species, I've settled on my 29 Gallon with Celestials + Shrimps.

Name your price - Pickup in North Burnaby (Willingdon/Hastings Area).

Thanks for looking! Pictures will be up sometime this week! :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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