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To clear up any misunderstanding with the admin of this forum, forum member "M_class2g" is no longer directly affiliated with Dragonfish. I say no longer directly affiliated because he is not selling any imported fish with or for me. Of course we continue to do imports and investigate all sorts of interesting fish importing opportunities, but not for commercial purposes on this site, purely hobby. The same goes with forum member "Lo sai". For now it is just me holding down the Dragonfish fort in BC (other people are doing stuff elsewhere in Canada but that is another story).

I am not sure how much longer I will be operating on this site. My sponsorship runs out in late August, maybe I will do a last couple orders. I should have a bunch of 7 and 8 inch clown loaches coming soon, and of course a few high end aros. But beyond that, I don't know. I will offer the operation to "Lo sai" when the time comes, and he might choose to keep things going, but likely without my direct involvement.

For now, if any one wants me to apprentice them on how to import fish I can do that. Please do not contact me if you are looking to make a living. I think the whole on-line fish retail sector is a bit crowded for that! :) If you are looking for weird odd balls (think puffers, brackish, hybrids, bettas, snakeheads), I can help out. And of course I can supply good contacts for Thai discus and South East Asian bred community fish.

Note: Asian arowana contacts and CV Maju are not included in this offer.

If anyone does want to do some direct importing on their own, I am prepared to take them on as a rotating partner until my sponsorship runs out in a few months. Using my contacts you should be able to import pretty much whatever you want out of Asia (I have contacts for many other geographic regions too, but have not personally used most of them). In return I would ask for either a flat fee of $100 for one contact or $300 for 10. You would then deal with the farms direct and oversee the whole import with or without my guidance (your call). And you should be able to sell openly on the dragonfish site on BCAquaria since it allows for two sponsors (which would be me and `you`). I would also let you use the website to market your fish.

Although my proposal above may seem unconventional, it is actually just a continutation of what I have been doing for years now - importing fish outside a conventional retail structure. It is also a half-hearted attempt to make better use of an under-utilized resource: the Dragonfish Canada sub-forum on BCAquaria. :)

Pm or send email to [email protected] if interested.
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