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I have a young dwarf lily (nymphaea spec. - not sure the exact variety) that I propagated from the parent plant. Anyone interested? I'm asking for $5. I only have stock photo of it. It's a similar variety. Please let me know by posting a reply thread, or text me at 604-781-2709.

You can also come check out my 90G aquarium as I have a variety of other plants I want to give away. Specially Ludwigia Repens. I'm willing to sell 10 + stems, all 6" to 12" in length for $5.

I have also included a pic of the exact lily leaf if someone wants to let me know what it could be. I also have a picture of the ludwigia (I have tons more in a fish bowl), and my aquarium as a whole.



1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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