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Dymax Contest Overview


The objective of this contest is to create the most attractive display possible using the Dymax IQ3 Pico Aquarium purchased through within a 30 day period. The winner will receive a full refund for their Dymax IQ3 (approx $70 value).

Contest Steps

1. Call and order your Dymax Aquarium through either Thomas or Josh - Be sure to mention that you are ordering your Dymax for the forum contest. You will be asked for the forum name, and your username on that forum (The contest is being held on more than one forum, however, each forum's Dymax contest is separate and you can only enter on one forum).

2. Set up your Dymax Aquarium within 30 days. You will have 30 days to set up your Dymax aquarium. All photos MUST be submitted by the final day of the contest to be eligible to win.

3. Submit your 2 to 5 contest photos. On the last day of the contest, you must submit your contest entry photos via email to [email protected] in order to be eligible to win. You must send a MINIMUM of 2 photos, as described in the "Photo Entry" section of Contest Details (Maximum of 5 Photos).

4. Forum Community Judging. The entries will have 1 week to be judged by your forum's community. After 1 week, the top 3 choices will be selected as finalists to then go on to be judged by the Big Al's Online staff.

5. Big Al's Online Judging. The top 3 entries will be reviewed by the entire Big Al's Online staff, and a single winner will be selected. This winner will have their Dymax IQ3 completely refunded back to the original card of purchase!

Contest Details


The contest will begin once a minimum of 15 members have entered the contest and have purchased the Dymax IQ3 through Big Al's Online over the phone through either Thomas or Josh. To make sure everything is as fair as possible, and that each member has the same period of time to work with the aquarium, we will hold the orders until all the contestants have signed up, and ship the aquariums all at once. We will allow 7 days for shipping, at which time the 30 day count down will begin. After 30 days, contestants will be allowed to submit up to 5 photos that best represent their Dymax IQ3 display, to be judged by their forum's community. The top 3 contestants chosen by the forum will be selected as finalists. These 3 finalists will then be judged by the entire Big Al's Online staff, and a final winner will be selected.

Dymax IQ3 Only

The ONLY real limitation is that you MUST use the Dymax IQ3 aquarium purchased through Any other equipment/livestock used may come from any source. You may set the aquarium up as a freshwater or saltwater aquarium. We want to see creativity and an overall attractive display. It does not matter if you have live plants/corals, or fake decorations. The Dymax IQ3 must not be physically modified; you may add or remove components such as filtration/lighting, but the aquarium itself must stay in tact (i.e. no drilling, cutting, dremeling of the aquarium itself).

Photo Entry

When taking photos of the Dymax display for your entry, you must include at least one FULL SHOT that shows the entire aquarium including lighting etc. as well at least one CLOSE UP SHOT that shows the whole front panel of the aquarium (see example photos below).

Eligibility Limitations

Big Al's Online staff members, as well as family and friends of staff members are NOT eligible to win.

Example Photos:

Full Shot

Close Up Shot

Please feel free to ask any questions regarding the contest in this thread!

The contest

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wow. Very nice marketing tactic! It helps with the sales of the tanks and at the same time arises interests and fuels creativity.

Give my regards to whomever came up with this idea. I am sure this contest will be very interesting and fun. :)

If I had to modify it, I would say that the winner gets another Dymax IQ3 instead of a refund. That way the winner gets 2 Dymax IQ3 for the price of 1 :D
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