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I have lots of used equipment I have accumulated used over the last few years and I have some things I don't think I am going to use again. I am in the process of building a fish room and need tanks that are 18"-24" wide only. I am open to trades but I already have most of the equipment I need. I don't feel the need to post pictures but if you want them I can provide.

Nothing is sold for profit so prices are fairly firm unless you pair tanks with stands/ canopies. I have other equipment available but might use it one day, so I am not posting it. If you would like a complete setup just ask :)

48 gallon column tank (18"X20"X30") with stand $150
Sold 65 gallon oceanic tank and stand (NICE!!! like new) $200

Sold 5 gallon tank kit everything you need $20
10 gallon tank bottom drilled $20
26 gallon bowfront tank $50$40
33 gallon tank (X2) bottom drilled with bulkhead and riser pipe (36"L x 12"W) $60 each $45 each
50 gallon tank bottom drilled with bulkhead and riser pipe (36"L x 16"w) $70 $60

Sold 10 gallon stacker stand (black metal) $35
Sold 30 gallon stacker stand (black metal) $45
45 gallon stand (36x18) (wood) Free with 50 gallon

10 gallon canopy T8 $10
20 gallon canopy T8 $10
30 gallon canopy T8 $15

Fluval 204 $50
Fluval 304 $60

I am In North Van. Delivery Is available for a charge, spend money and delivery is free. Burnaby/New West/coquitlam $10 Downtown/Richmond $15


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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