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Hello everyone, recently got back into hobby... big time.
Thought I would share with you how my tank changes over time.

I will keep editing the first post and add more pictures as time goes by.
Feel free to leave comments, questions, and suggestions below.


75 gallon
Received a bundle of "lucky bamboo" for christmas placed them in my tank.

However, I felt like it looked a little off balance with all the "bamboo" on one side.
I saw some pictures of ripariums and was inspired to make my own. Here's my attempt at it.

Here's another picture. Yes, I'm trying to grow lettuce and green onions on windowsill. hahaha

Jan. 2016

250 gallon
Obtained a beautiful 250gallon tank from Kenta. Cannot believe how big it is. Here's a picture for scale.

Tore down the 75gal and moved the plants over to the 250.

Added some driftwood, plants.

closer pic.

ghetto light setup, about 10,000 lumens of light. red+blue for better plant growth.

Water change time! i'm extremely lazy, so I made my own python water change thing.

Pumping old water out, while filling with new water.

Feb, 2016

Thanks Jeremy for the awesome Highback RedTail Golden Arowana

Current Tank Inhabitants.
HighBack RedTail Golden Arowana
Convict pair
30 guppy fry
5 Marbled Crayfish
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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