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Hello, related question to Excel and SeaChem's Iron supplement. I did a water change on my 40gl the other day and added 1 capful of excel per 10 gallons changed as per the instructions. I think added .5 of a capful of the iron supplement as well. After filling my tank back up with water I noticed my amano shrimp were swimming around erratically and it got me kind of worried that I'd nuked them with stuff they don't like. They're all fine now, a couple days later, but after the change and swimming around like crazy they seemed to find a place to hide and didn't come out for a while.

Do you suspect this a reaction to the excel? maybe the iron? or maybe a large water change just triggered them to hide and molt?
If you have adult Amanos, It was probably a reaction to the water change. Shrimp often moult after a WC (it can also induce spawning behaviour). A shrimp that moults will hide as it's exo-skeleton hardens. Amanos are pretty bomb proof and if unhappy with their water conditions, they will escape (this is not to say that if your Amanos escape, they are doing so because of poor water quality). I hope that helps.

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