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F/s misc fish

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Okay, moving to edmonton and going to start new set up so need to sell some fish.
1) 8" sailfin pleco these grow to be up to 24". $15 m/f?
2) 1 f/ full grown calico pleco (from charles) $15
3) 2 whip tail's pleco's about 6" each. $10 for pair
4) 2 whitefin's mountain 1", 1 rummy nose, 2 blackskirt tetra's, 1 x-ray tetra, 4 or 5 shrimp (eat beard alge and start with an a), 2 gold barb's, and 1 neon free
6) fan shrimp $5.
7) 6 sterbi, 2 jules, 1 salt and pepper $25
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I am interested in the small guys for a planted setup for my aquarium in the classroom, if they are still available.
okay to pick up tonight? 778-227-1978 ask for tony
Hey Bully if you still have any of the fish left bring em with ya & if they make it I'll take em
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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