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I am selling my female Betta Sorority as a group ($30) or individually (see pricing below).
All in great condition (They lived in my 33 gallon tank, fed on bloodworm.) and as a group all get along well.

I have for sale:
- Black/red I got shipped directly from Thailand (Aquabid) $15 (This fish cost me over $60 alone.) (First Pic)
- White/red double tail bought from local fish store FREE (Second picture now has some RED on fins)
- Turquoise Female GIANT from Local Fish Store FREE (3rd pic)
- Pink/Red Cambodian female also from Thailand (Aquabid) $15 (This fish cost me over $60 alone.) (4th Pic)
- Turquoise female betta from a local fish store FREE (5th pic pic)


Available via pick up at my location in Vancouver/New Westminster, Canada.

I am wanting to rehome these beauties because I am wanting to use the tank for other kinds of fish that do not get along with female bettas.
Thank you for your interest!
Please contact me if you would like more details.

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So mean lol. I want!
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