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FF: 1cm labidochromis hongi fry for grow-out trade for your AC fry. No feeders please

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I have some small, 1cm labidochromis hongi fry that I'm growing out. If anyone would like to grow these out for their cichlid tank I'd be happy to give you some.

I'd like to add some different species to my fry tank if any are available for trade, but no trade is necessary, have a group of 4-6 for free. No feeders please, I'd prefer to give them to people with appropriate tankmates (other cichlid fry, ph of 7.5-8.5).

Adults look like this:
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Thanks to Unknown Crim for trading Labidochromis hongi for Maylandia estherae! If anyone else would like to pick up fry for free or trade, just let me know.
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Still available, for free or trade.
Interested in some fry,

I have a bunch of Melanochromis auratus female holding due to spit anytime now, and the others are 3 weeks old.

tried to send a PM but inbox full
Thanks for the trades everyone, I'm looking forward to growing out a mix of BCA's malawi cichlids.

There are still labidochromis hongi fry available!
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