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I have two 5.5 gallon tanks in less than perfect condition - both have a couple little chips out of one of the corners and a few minor scratches on the bottom. But turn the chipped corner to the wall and throw in your substrate and they're just fine. They've held water and happy fish/fry/frogs for me just fine for several months, but they're no longer needed and I have no room left for them as I set up a bigger tank where they used to be. Both have hoods with working lights (no bulbs included) but previous owners ("I swear it wasn't me!") must have overloaded and melted spots by the bulb (see pics). [one tank gone]

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I also have a 5.5 gallon with a large chip in one corner - again, it held water perfectly fine for all these months for me. No hood/light with this one, but there is some blue/aqua gravel with it.

Finally, I have a goody box including fake plants with suction cups, a couple driftwood branches (approx 16" and 20"), outdated but still may work No More Algae and Nitrite test solution, gravel siphon and a few other odds and ends I come up with. Must take whole box.

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All of this is free. Take as much or as little of it as you like (but if you want the goody box you must take the whole box, no parting out). Pick up only. And while I can't do anything about it, I'll express my wish that people please only take these for themselves and not to flip them for profit. When you're done with them please pass them on as freebies to someone else.

Pick up in south Burnaby near Edmonds/King Ed Pets.
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