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FF/FT: Small Plant Package

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I have some random plants that I'd like to give away. Not much, but you have to meet at my place and bring a bag or container.

3-5 small stems of AR mini
2-3 small clumps of HC Cuba
1-2 small stems of S. Repens
1 small handful of Amazon Frogbit

I may also throw in some Subwassertang, Xmas moss and maybe Windelov if I find some time this weekend to trim my other tank.

I'd also be really happy to trade for any of these things in any quantity, as something is better than nothing:
- any S-SS grade CRS to mix gene pool
- any shrimp food
- any type of worms (frozen, dried or live)
- Seachem Prime
- Magnet Glass Cleaner

If we're trading, I don't mind travelling if it's worth my time. Pick up would be at Granville and 41st however.

Thanks for looking
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PENDING. I might have more this weekend after I do a trimming but priority will go to trades. I really don't need or expect much for trades, but anything is really helpful and greatly appreciated.
hi! i am close by and can bike to you at your convenience. let me know if you have any more available. i dont have a whole lot of variety but i can give you as much water lettuce as you'd like. also have some lugwigia.

Oh forgot to mention I also have a lot of worm foods for you. Do you have other possible plants available? I can trade you my glass cleaner and other ADA products if you have Anubis nanas etc...
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