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In just 6 months, 3 guppies turn into about 200+, and the numbers keep growing like crazy. I already gave lots away, but still lots left. I am running out of time and space to keep them now.

They are free for pick up.
Not necessary, but If you can kindly bring 1 or 2 cherries shrimps or maybe some java fern or anubias, It will be welcome.

1. 2 big fat adult female guppies, about 6 months old, they are the mothers for the rest.
2. some 2-3 month old guppies
3. lots of 1 month old guppies
4. 50+ 1 week old fries.
5. 2 male endlers, about 6 month old.

Pick up in Surrey Guildford. Please bring some kind of container or zip bags. Thank you.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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